What we do.

We develop creative, comprehensive, and sustainable engineering solutions for a future where society can thrive.

Floor Preparation

The most important part in a successful application of a resin floor finish is the preparation. P J McGrath & Sons invest on up to date floor preparation equipment such as dust free diamond grinding, vacuum blasting, and floor planning and chemical cleaning. Without thorough preparation your floor will fail.

Thorough Preparation of the flooring area is vital to the success of every Resin Flooring application. We use the best Resin Technology available today, never forgetting that the Resin System is only ever as good as the substrate itself, and with the best preparation of the flooring area we ensure maximum adhesion of that important 1st coat to the prepared substrate, and the subsequent intercoat adhesion of each additional coat in compliance of the Manufacturers Material Technical Data Sheets.


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Solutions for Industry

P J McGrath & Sons have installed industrial flooring for hundreds of companies including BNFL, BAE Systems, Ford and Rolls Royce.

From coatings to heavy duty re-surfacing, for warehousing, factories or workshops – P J McGrath & Sons have the experience to install the floor you need.

We are able to recommend materials to suit your precise flooring needs, including specialist coatings for:

Chemical resistance
Anti-slip surfaces
Yellow lining & zone demarcations

Please give us a call to talk over your particular requirements.

Non Slip Surfacing

Most work related injuries are caused by slips and falls at P J McGrath & Sons we can offer a solution to this problem by correctly applying a resin non slip floor solution to suit the jobs environment.