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We develop creative, comprehensive, and sustainable engineering solutions for a future where society can thrive.

Epoxy Resin Flooring

We at P J McGrath & Sons Recognise its duty to help the environment now and for the future generations to come. That’s why when it comes to the application of epoxy/ polyurethane resin we choose carefully which manufacturer we buy from. All our resins are tried and tested with low VOC are impact resistant, slip resistant, Chemical & heat resistant.

Epoxy resin high build coatings are ideal to tidy up your old tired factory floor areas which are applied by roller, they will give a hard wearing easily clean surface. Aggregates can be added to give a none slip finish. Line making and demarcation zones can be added ensuring that health and safety regulations are up to date. Applied correctly these coating could last up to five years plus.

Heavy duty epoxy screed applied at 6 to 9mm will give a flat smooth floor ideal for heavy trafficked areas such as forklift areas, engineering workshops, garages workshops beer cellars.

Features of epoxy resin flooring:

  • Impact resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Non slip resin finish
  • Smooth surface
  • High Gloss finish
  • Coloured quartz and flake finishes
  • Applied in depths of 0.5-6mm
  • Fast cure systems can be traffic within 4 hours
  • Easily cleaned
  • Easy to maintain

Features of epoxy resin screed flooring:

  • Screed system with higher percentage of aggregate
  • Decorative aggregates bound in clear resin
  • Greater depth and strength
  • Applied in depths of 3mm or greater
  • Trowel or roller applied
  • Heat resistant
  • Brought up vertical surfaces


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Solutions for Industry

P J McGrath & Sons have installed industrial flooring for hundreds of companies including BNFL, BAE Systems, Ford and Rolls Royce.

From coatings to heavy duty re-surfacing, for warehousing, factories or workshops – P J McGrath & Sons have the experience to install the floor you need.

We are able to recommend materials to suit your precise flooring needs, including specialist coatings for:

Chemical resistance
Anti-slip surfaces
Yellow lining & zone demarcations

Please give us a call to talk over your particular requirements.

Non Slip Surfacing

Most work related injuries are caused by slips and falls at P J McGrath & Sons we can offer a solution to this problem by correctly applying a resin non slip floor solution to suit the jobs environment.

Self-smooth epoxy/ polyurethane screed applied at 3 to 4mm ideal for when a clean environment is essential such as Pharmaceutical industry and laboratories.

Quarts screed are made up from coloured aggregates mixed with clear resins trowelled on at 3 to 6mm giving a multicolour decorative finish ideal form commercial premises, schools, restaurant lab areas. PVA flake will give the same decorative pleasing floor finish.

When it comes to more challenging areas such as chemical plant, abattoirs, or where heat and water will be present, polyurethane are Ideal for the job applied a 6 to 9mm by trowel, giving a none slip chemical resistant easily clean surface.

All of the above systems can be brought up a vertical surface making sure your floors walls, and working environment are well protected for years to come.